Infrastructure and Communications

  • X-Lynk
  • PBX-Lynk


X-Lynk is an All-In-One Network Manager that incorporates inside one device multiple functionalities oriented to improve in an integral way the performance and operation of a network of telecommunication services.

X-Lynk constitutes a series of elements with which you can construct complex or simple Virtual Private Networks (VPN'S), integrating on an efficient way, voice services, data and/or video.

The equipment

X-Lynx solves the necessities on the creation of VPN's, routing, firewall, layer 7 protocol filter, applications prioritization, bandwidth administration and assignation, activity monitoring and registry, DNS, NTP, Web Proxy and Remote Access, warranting and easy and efficient administration. All of this supported with spear point technology, experience and quality on service delivery of Grupo AR2E´s personnel.


  • Efficient Business operation: Users and clients satisfaction
  • Continue operation (Non Stop)
  • Controlled and measured use of resources (bandwidth)
  • Optimum performance of critical and important business applications
  • Effective capacity planning
  • Quantified and controlled business growth (CAPEX and OPEX)
  • Support to problem identification through the use of statistic information to all system areas
  • Indentified saving and controlled spending

PBX Lynk

The PBX Lynk system solves the creation and operation of PBX VoIP necessities, offering a friendly, efficient administration with multiple advanced functions.


  • Native Integration to the data network
  • One Data and Voice cable
  • Integration of digital trunks, analogs, SIP, Internet or Cell Phone
  • Worldwide numbers
  • No more Long Distance
  • Integration of multiple PBX and dialing plan
  • Remote extensions and remote lines
  • NO LICENSE FEE for trunks, extensions, voice mail, recording, music
  • Integration of accessories such as electronic gatekeeper, video vigilance, etc.

We offer a service that includes a PBX Lynk®, besides IP telephones

  • IP based telephony
  • Automatic IVR operator
  • Detailed information of the use and consume of telephone lines
  • IP telephones with XML browser
  • Utilization of network cabling for telephony
  • Intercommunication
  • Virtual fax for sending and receiving
  • Conference room
  • Remote telephone lines
  • Remote extensions
  • Mobile extensions
  • Music while waiting
  • Unified messaging
  • 2 telulars YX Wireless Telulink with one GSM port each one
  • DHCP


Control and savings of telephone costs module

The calls generated on the commutator are saved and sent daily to Conciliatem´s server where they are processed and analyzed in our call center which executes the necessary actions to control and reduce the telephone costs.
  • Traffic analysis. Allows us to analyze in a simple way the telephonic traffic performance, obtaining information classified by what kind of call it was, day, hour, showing at the same time the real use of telephony and its tendencies inside the company.
  • Telephone use policies. Based on the traffic analysis and the experience of our analysts, we help you to define the acceptable limits to each kind of call, bringing you the necessary information for the creation of telephone use policies.
  • Service abuse detection. We realize a detailed analysis of the phone service deviations, so we can establish solutions to the generated abuses.
  • In place audit to users with the biggest expenses. When detecting the users with the biggest expenses, we make a visit to them, with the objective of informing about Conciliatem´s service operating beginning and the use policies established by your company

Conciliator module for electronic bills of any service provider

The administrative platform that uses as base the electronic bills from telecommunication service providers and the consumption measurements of each user on the company's commutators to realize the distribution of the infrastructure's spending between the cost centers of the company.


  • Automatic distribution of fixated expenses like income and internet services
  • Substantial diminution of working hours in the expense distribution process
  • Supervision tools and price and service control contracted to each provider
  • Real expenses assignation to cost centers
  • Online inventory to telecommunication infrastructure

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