Our Experience

Being in the Mexican market since 1996, Crosscheck Software has participated as an IT consultant working together with companies helping them develop technological solutions in many different areas such as:

Financial sector

We have collaborated with banks, stock markets, exchange houses, insurances, bodings, credit bureau and microcredit institutions.

We have participated within these institutions as an IT consultant maintaining and developing technologies for financial planning, budgets, accounting, imports, taxes, customer service, exchange operations, credits, foreign exchange, uptake and placement, treasury, ATMs, legal and Staffing.

Building sector

We have participated in the maintenance and development of technologies such as: force control, sell administration, price control, clients and prospectus, budgets and Staffing.

Government sector

We have developed systems, which function is monitoring FOBAPROA's traffic conditions and information.

Brewer sector

Our contribution with this sector has been the development and maintenance in areas such as sells, human resourcing and Staffing.

Aviation sector

We have contributed in the maintenance and development of charge clients, bank reconciliation, Weight & Balance, web design and development, migration, Data Warehouse and Staffing systems.

Communication media and advertising sector

We have contributed with the development and maintenance of market analysis, tendencies, billing, planning, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchases, legal, payroll, human resources and Staffing systems.

Commercial sector

We have collaborated with department stores, self-service stores, marketing stores, distributors, importers, and others.

We have contributed in system development for commercial centers, credit, paysheet, sells, managerial information, bank reconciliation, providers, accountability, accounting reconciliation, imports, human resources, budgets, financial planning, incentive calculation, electronic billing, dashboard, ASPEL implementation, CONTPAQi and staffing.

Entertainment sector

Our participation involved system maintenance and development of fleece control, boxes and audiences control, electronic billing and Staffing.

Hotel sector

We have maintained and developed financial systems, accounting, front-office and Staffing.

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