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In fulfillment with the published in the articles 15 and 16 of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Information in Individuals' Possession we do of your knowledge that the commercial brand Grupo AR²E that represents and is used by HUNT IT S.C., ESTRATEGIA TECNOLÓGICA S.A. DE C.V., INTEGRACIÓN INTELIGENTE EN SISTEMAS DE INFORMACIÓN S.A. DE C.V., INTEGRACIÓN INFORMÁTICA EN SISTEMAS DE INFORMACIÓN S.C., SERVICIOS ADMINISTRATIVOS EN TECNOLOGÍA DE INFORMACIÓN S.C., CROSS CHECK SOFTWARE S.A. DE C.V. and PRESERVE SYSTEMS S.C. which central address is NUEVO LEÓN 238 INT 202, COL. HIPÓDROMO CONDESA, DISTRITO FEDERAL CUAUHTEMOC 06170, is responsible of the collection of personal information and the treatment of the same under the following terms.

This Privacy Policy is related to the web sites and the regular operations of the Group. The policy describes to the user what type of information we collect, how we store it, the purpose of the file, how we protect it, the scope of this commitment of confidentiality and the rights of the user as owner of the information.

Treatment of Personal Information

As Grupo AR²E, we collect personal information by diverse means in all our lines of business. To send or to deliver (personally or for any other mean), to some member of the Group, the personal resume and/or any other basic information there is an implicit assent of the individual to the treatment the we will give to it. The information will be stored and used internally to analyze, investigate and promote the profiles that fit with our clients' or own needs. We will not share the personal information with third parties except express assent of the individual.

The information can be collected through Labour Exchanges where we are members but respecting the privacy policies of those, and following our same purpose of recruitment.

We don't ask or use personal information such as race, religion, political affiliations, sexual orientation or other sensitive data. If the profile requires this kind of information, the individual should give the express and explicit consent for Grupo AR²E to use it.

Personal Information Security and Databases

As Grupo AR²E, we use Contacts Databases (public and comercials) to offer our services and we are not responsible of the way the provider of this Data Base gathered the information. Nevertheless, in what it compete to Grupo AR²E, these contacts will be used carefully and only for the ends declared in this notice. The contact will have the right to ask the origin of the information, as well as, to refuse to receive our offers.

We store the Resumes in electronic format; information of the contact and results of tests in Databases for internal use. We do not sell, rent or hire our list of candidates to third parties.

We assure the personal identification information that has been provided to us is protected from not authorized access, use or spreading maintaining our servers located in a controlled and sure environment and taking the right security measures.

Modifications to this Notice

We will be able to update occasionally this Notice of Privacy to reflect the suggestions both of the company and of the clients. In Grupo AR²E we encourage you to review this Notice from time to time to be informed of how Grupo AR²E protect your information.

Information of Contact

In Grupo AR²E, we receive with pleasure your comments. You have the right to ask to be removed of our Database. If it is that way, please contact us by sending an email to We will do our better commercial reasonable efforts to determine and remedy, as soon as possible, your request.

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