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The IT integration services, to support the operation of the enterprises, is a practice that has been exercised by the catalogued "AAA" companies, which have big budgets to invest in computing Infrastructure, software development, maintenances of the same, as well as to apply reengineering to their procedures to make their operation more efficient. Generally, these companies count with a IT area, from the high management to the operative levels, which allows them to evaluate investments and to follow-up the implementation and the continuous improvement of their procedures. In this regard, the PyMEs has been left behind by the lenders of these services.

The system area in the SME, generally, is small or does not exist. The high management of these, often rests on acquaintances or companies that often do not have the experience to integrate the whole solution, but their prices are accessible, in a beginning, but as the solution is implemented, the costs rise and the PyMEs' investments increase. This is the result of the lack of a detailed analysis of the operation needs.

To automate a company is not only to buy computing equipment and acquire or develop software. More importantly is to analyze the needs of his operation and, based on it, to integrate a solution. Once the solution is installed, it needs of continuous supervision to do efficient procedures, to adapt to new rules of business, to correct problems and to support the software and hardware infrastructure.

In Crosscheck Software, we identified these needs and created a specialized division to provide complete advising to PyMEs. We cover the process analysis, systems infrastructure creation, maintenance and software integration.

Acquiring this service, PyMEs also acquire the experience of a group of professionals that during more than one decade have been integrating solutions to the companies AAA, everything, to a very competitive price.

In Crosscheck Software, we understand PyMEs necessities and know the value of every invested unity since we identify ourselves as a medium company that seeks to learn efficient practices of business with work and experience of the big corporations. Now, our technological knowledge is very wide and we are getting updated constantly, placing to the forefront of IT.

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