and personnel integration

Our objective is bringing our clients specialized personnel to optimize its working operation, with the purpose of answering their needs of growth and technical support.

Crosscheck Software assigns human resources with the technical, administrative abilities and of project control oriented to the development of solutions that automates those functions required by your organization.

For more than 14 years Crosscheck Software has provided with human capital in IT to the principal national companies for the following areas of computing:
  • Development and Maintenance of Computing Systems
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse
  • Data Mining
  • ETL Process
  • Technical Support to Networks and Data Bases
  • Help Desk
We implement a management and motivational model oriented to the human resources, that, when it is applied by our Operative Managers it shows in the objective and goals fulfillment established by our clients.

We establish a direct attention link to all our project execution levels of our client in order of giving an efficient answer to any requirement through:
  • Programmed and continuous visits
  • Advice in project planning based on the best practices applied by our PMO
  • Monitoring through the generation and analysis of human resources' performance information
Through a multidisciplinary team we look for the best candidates to cover every job position inside an organization, with the benefit of being specialized on resources focused in the Information Technology area.

We recruit the best candidates to give an added value to our clients' business and we capture visionary professionals that face challenges and search for solutions on an integral concept of productivity and development.



When a company hires staffing it becomes more flexible, more dynamic and possesses a higher capacity to adapt to changing situations, achieving to take advantage of the opportunities that may come.

Variable changes

We offer the possibility to transform fixed costs into variable costs because when recurring to a specialist to execute a determined job, the company will only make that spending in the moment they need the service.

Access to new technologies

When hiring a specialized company in IT, this company is actualized and counts with spear point technology.

Objective concentration

With this, the company will focus in its principal activity and will pay more attention in its own business.

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