Who Are We?

We are a company group established since 1996 dedicated to implementation and consultancy on information systems in various technologic platforms. We provide professional services for information systems through our qualified, certified and specialized human capital.

Since the creation of Crosscheck Software we have sustained a constant growth level in terms of infrastructure, human capital, clients and income. All of this through good practices such as the Mexican Norm NMX-I-059/01-NYCE-2005 MOPROSOFT and project administration beneath the standards of the PMI (Project Management Institute).

We consider our clients our "business partners". Our quality policy allows us to provide services based on an analysis built in for your necessities so we can provide the technological solutions that will generate the greatest income to your business. Also, we search for the highest competing levels of our human capital, capabilities development and a continuous improvement of each element of our organization.


Offer our clients the best solutions for process automation, information systems and consulting services on information technologies, according to its strategic planning and the most urgent necessities, always looking to have spear point technology, delivering products and services of optimal quality and a benefit to our client, in the best time and cost conditions that unites us as a high competitive level company.


Be recognized in the national market as an efficient and trustable company, at the vanguard of the information technology and outstanding because of the quality of the services throughout its human capital, which is guided by firmly established values.



  • Always tell the truth, at the appropriate time and using the correct words
  • Having a congruent life between what it is said and what it is done
  • Admit the committed mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Be transparent, don't feign being something you aren't, and give everyone a real picture of you
  • Reveal interest conflicts
  • Notify, to whom it might concern, any discovered illegal conduct


  • Recognize, appreciate and value oneself as the others and the environment
  • Establish to where my possibilities allow me to do or not to do
  • Give a fair trial to clients, suppliers, peers, subordinates and to every person involved in the realization of the organization's objectives


  • Preserve the full correspondence between the entrusted and realized functions
  • Offer the client a service which quality coincides with the one the client waits
  • Give truthful, clear, complete and opportune information
  • Execute the client's instructions with transparency and efficiency
  • Satisfy the client' information technology necesities through the adequate products and services
  • Attend and solve every client claim, as to the interns to the externs
  • Maintain a high level of technical quality and a brightened service attitude


  • Practice a congruent behavior between the interest of the client and/or the organization
  • Make the client's and/or organization's interests prevail
  • Warranty fidelity to our clients
  • Refuse to make any act that may be against our company interests
  • Protect any resources from investors, partners and any other person that to the organization
  • Denounce detected frauds on any kind of operation

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